• Behavior Policy – PBIS

         Following school and classroom rules is an important part of your child's learning experience.  In order to provide the best possible learning environment for your child, I expect all children to behave appropriately.  Having two children of my own at home, I am sensitive to the needs of younger children.  I will provide students with lots of opportunities to move, explore, and use their voices.  In return, I expect for students to refrain from talking at inappropriate times, and to sit properly when asked.  Please continue to speak with your child about the importance of following the rules, especially during critical times such as dismissal. 

         In our classroom we will use a clip chart like the one below.  Throughout the day, students may be asked to move their clips up or down.  (Please read the description below of what each color means.)  When students end the day with their clips on pink, they will receive a “gem.”  Once they have accumulated four gems, they will get to pick a prize from the prize box.  

         If a student moves down to yellow or orange they will have the opportunity to move back up.  The purpose of the chart is simply to serve as a visual tool to help them monitor their own behavior.  If a student’s clip is moved all the way to red, you will most likely receive a phone call from me so we can talk about what happened.  Together we will try to figure out if there is something else going on that may have prompted the behavior.  Things like a poor night’s sleep, an argument with a friend or family member, or not feeling well can have a big impact on behavior.  Together, we will determine what adjustments should be made moving forward to help your child have their best year possible! 

         Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything happening at home that we can help with here at school!  We have access to many community resources and we are here to help!


    Our Classroom Behavior Chart


Last Modified on August 22, 2019