• updated 09/07/2017

    CCS students who wish to register for the classroom phase of driver education must complete the registration form at your school. The completed form must be returned to the person or office responsible for collecting the driver education registration forms.
    Private school students should be able to acquire a registration form from their school office.
    Home school students will need to complete the online form available for online form available for download here, then either Email Robert Kluttz or call Robert's office at 704-262-6252 to complete the registration process.

Driver Education: Instructors

  • Robert Kluttz, CCS Driver Education Director

    Office: 704-262-6252 or Email: Robert Kluttz

    updated 9/07/2017

    Central Cabarrus High School
    Raymond Daugherty, Rebecca Huffman, Andre Bergeron, David Broome, James Fleming, Stephanie Bey, Kenneth McClamrock, Todd Hartsell

    Concord High School
    James Brown, Steven Swayney, Clement Fleming, Warren Kluttz, Bradley Faw, Ryan Crowder

    Cox Mill High School
    Kim Nance, Donald Propst, Jesse Smith, Craig Stewart, Daryl Weakland, Houston Leigh, Jon Babb, Wayne Freeman

    Hickory Ridge High School
    Henry Thompson, Robbie Barringer, Andrew Bordeaux, Dane Thompson, Keith Clark, Scott Fortune, Tyler Dilling, Marie Cawley

    Jay M. Robinson High School
    Darren Hartsell, Mark Driscoll, Joe Pike, Jerome Davis, Richard Williams

    Mt. Pleasant High School
    Richard Drums, Justin Watson, Kima Kluttz, Scott Barringer

    Northwest Cabarrus High School
    James Gilreath, Mike Porter, Harold Von Klahr, Keith Rhoney, Eric Jackson, Ryan Brown

    Early College, Early College Tech and Performance Learning Center
    Kim Nance, Wayne Freeman, Becky Huffman

    Private Schools
    Scott Brewer, Houston Leigh

Driver Education: School Contacts

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