• Earth Science is a laboratory science designed to develop in the student an understanding of the earth and its surroundings through the study of topics in meteorology, geology, astronomy, climatology, and oceanography. Earth Science provides the student with a framework for the understanding of everyday life. Weather forecasting, volcanic activity, earthquakes, storms, polar ice caps, the atmosphere, and plate tectonics are some of the topics covered that relate directly to students’ everyday lives.

Important Information Mrs. Blocker's Classroom

  • Here is some important information for you and your parents to review in regards to Mrs. Blocker's classroom.
    To preserve instructional time in Mrs. Blocker's class, your technology will be taken if it is out and in use when technology is not needed.   Mrs. Blocker relies on the use of computers in class so that will all you will need.
    There may be days when your personal technology will be recommended, with specific apps being used.  One such app is a QR reader.  Mrs. Blocker will NEVER require a student to purchase an app to be used in the classroom.  

Classroom APP

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