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  •        President: Danny Mahoney
           Vice President: Laura Crook
           Secretary: Megan Wohlfarth
           Treasurer: Jacynta Smith
           Editor: Rishabh Patel
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Important Info and Signups

  • Salvation Army Projects - REQUIRED FALL PROJECT!!!

    Every year, we help out the local Salvation Army with projects at Christmas time. Every club member is expected participate in at least one of the following project options.

    Option #1 - Bellringing @ Concord Mills Wal-Mart

    • We MUST fill ALL of the spots for this project!
    • Bellringers will be expected to work at pairs at one of the doors at the Concord Mills Wal-Mart for a two hour shift.
    • You will receive 3 service points for shift you sign up for.
    • It is suggested that you pay attention to the weather forecast and dress appropriately and festively (i.e. Santa hat, Christmas sweater, etc.).
    • If you signup for a shift, you are expected to work it! Do not cancel last minute due to weather!
    • To signup for this option, click HERE!

    Option #2 - Can Sorting @ Salvation Army Warehouse

    • There are two shifts for this service project that we are expected to fill.
    • We will be helping to unload and sort cans from the Salvation Army canned food drive.
    • Each shift is worth 3 service points.
    • One is on Saturday, 12/9 from 4:00-7:00 and the other is Monday, 12/11 from 3:30-5:30.
    • The address for the location is 316 Patterson Ave., Concord, NC 28025.
    • To signup for this option, click HERE!

    Option #3 - Adopt an Angel

    • Children in Cabarrus County are in need of gifts this Christmas season.
    • There are over 1200 children in Cabarras County alone that may go without gifts this holiday season.
    • You will receive 8 points (2 service points and 6 fundraising points) for each angel that you adopt and commit to buying gifts for.
    • You are expected to spend AT LEAST $25 per child. You may signup for more than one. This is a serious commitment! If you signup for this and do not follow through you will have points deducted and will possibly be removed from Key Club for the rest of the year. These kids are counting on our gifts!
    • Signups for adopting an angel will continue until Sunday, Nov. 26. After that date, we will submit the number needed to the Salvation Army and pick up our angels.
    • Angels will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis at the Nov. 30th meeting. You will be able to choose between a boy/girl, age range, toys of interest, etc.
    • ALL ANGEL GIFTS WILL BE RETURNED ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12TH! This gives almost 2 weeks to purchase gifts. It is imperative that they are returned on the correct day because the Salvation Army is picking up the gifts on the morning of WEDNESDAY, DEC. 13.
    • To signup to adopt an angel click HERE!

    Christmas for Children Fundraiser

    • At Fall Rally this year, our club pledged to donate at least $150 to the Boys and Girls Homes to buy gifts for children at the home. We are simply holding a fundraiser for this project and not having an event. If you would like to donate to the funds to help us raise the $150, please bring money to the November 30th meeting. You will receive 1 fundraising point for every $2 that you donate. This is a for an amazing cause and the Boys and Girls Homes rely on the Key Clubs in the Carolinas District to help with this fundraiser as a district project.

    Tutoring at Winkler Middle School

    We have been approached with an opportunity to provide tutoring at Winkler Middle School for students that are struggling. This is a great chance for our club to provide service and reach out to future JMR Bulldogs and possible Key Club members! More info will be placed on the website soon.

    We will need 2-3 people to volunteer on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday and Thursday of each month. You will be required to be at Winkler from 3:00-4:00 to help. You will receive 2 service points for each shift that you sign up for. To get your points you will need to have a service points voucher signed. A link to a voucher form can be found below or you can pick one up at the next meeting. The first volunteer date is Tuesday, October 24th. To sign up for one or more tutoring sessions, click HERE!

    Coltrane Webb VEX Robotics Competition Helper

    We have been asked to have volunteers help at a VEX Robotics Competition on Saturday, Jan. 6th. This is a GREAT way to get a lot of SERVICE points! It will be worth a total of 8 SERVICE points! You'll be helping to reset the competition areas in between rounds and also helping in others areas of need. You will be needed from 7:30am-3:30pm. You'll also have a free lunch provided for you during this time. Mr. Parisi would like to see us have at least 3 people commit to helping by the end of November so that he can see that he doesn't need to go elsewhere to find volunteers. We are expected to fill these spots!

    To signup for this event click HERE!

    Bonefrog Challenge

    The Bonefrog Challenge is a Navy SEAL-style obstacle course. They have reached out to get volunteers for the event. They need individuals to help at the registration booth, water stations, kids area, and at the obstacles. You'll be volunteering from 11am-4pm on Saturday, November 18th. You'll receive 6 SERVICE POINTS for working this service project.

    The event is located at Porter Farms at 7600 Miami Church Road, Concord, NC 28025. You will receive free parking vouchers as a volunteer. You will also have the opportunity to run the 3 mile/20 obstacle sprint race yourself for $10. This is a $50+ race so running it for $10 is a steal! If you plan to run you will do so at 8:30am so that you can clean up and get ready to volunteer by 11:00am. If you are going to run, you need to bring a change of clothes.

    They need as many volunteers as we can give them and this is a good amount of service points so signup today! To watch a video and learn more about the event click HERE! To signup for this opportunity click HERE!

    Preschool Beautification

    Mary Frances Wall Center, a Cabarrus County School Preschool, is having a school beautification day to update their outdoor play area and is in need of volunteers. Unfortunately, it is on Saturday, Nov. 18th, the same day as the Bonefrog Challenge, but it does give another service option on that day for those that are not working at the challenge. Volunteers will be working at the school from 10:30am-1:30pm and will receive 3 SERVICE points for helping. Be sure to dress appropriately - volunteers will be helping to plant a sensory garden, refurbing a playhouse, moving tires, pulling weeds and planting.

    The address of Mary Frances Wall Center is 3801 US-601, Concord, NC 28025. To signup for this opportunity click HERE!

    If you have any of the following items at home, please bring them along:




    Gardening Gloves


    Sack Lunch (if desired)

    Breakfast with Santa Opportunity

    Joyful Hearts (the group responsible for putting on the Joy Prom for students in the county with special needs) has asked for our help at their Breakfast with Santa event. They need us to help with serving food during the event. It will be held at JMR on Saturday, Dec. 2nd from 9:00-11:30am. You will receive 3 SERVICE POINTS for working this event. To signup for this event click HERE!

    JMR School Beautification

    Principal Aldredge has asked our club to help beautify the school. To do this, we will be painting the bottoms of columns and the window sills in the commons area. We will do this on Friday, Dec. 8th from 5-8pm and are looking for 20 members to signup so that we can finish on time. We will also be providing PIZZA and drinks for all volunteers. You will receive 3 SERVICE POINTS for participating. If it runs over on time, you'll receive more service points. To signup for this opportunity click HERE!


    Bricks4Kidz is an afterschool program for elementary age children to build complex models with Legos. If you are a Lego fan, this is definitely a great opportunity for you to earn some SERIOUS SERVICE POINTS throughout the year. Each of the following schools need one volunteer per week. This will be a long term commitment but you will rack up your service points. You get 2 points for every session that you work. Schools that have been taken already have strike-throughs. Other schools are still open for volunteers.

    • Harrisburg Elementary - Thursdays 3-4
    • Carl Furr Elementary - Thursdays 3-4
    • Weddington Hills Elementary - Tuesdays 3-4
    • Odell Primary (K-2) - Tuesdays 3-4

    There is no signup genius for this, see Mrs. Rush if you are interested! Remember that as of now there is only one spot open per school so if you want a particular school, see Mrs. Rush quickly before it's taken!

Important Dates

  • November 16th - Mistletoe Madness Craft Show Volunteering Activity (2 service points)
    November 18th - Bonefrog Challenge Volunteering Activity (6 service points)
    November 18th - Preschool Beautification Volunteering Activity (3 service points)
    November 21st - Winkler Tutoring Day (2 service points)
    November 29th - Bellringing Day (3 service points)
    November 30th - Key Club Meeting - Adopted Angels will be distributed
    December 2nd - Breakfast with Santa (3 service points)
    December 4th - Bellringing Day (3 service points)
    December 6th - Bellringing Day (3 service points)
    December 8th - JMR School Beautification Project (3 service points)
    December 9th - Salvation Army Can Sorting (3 service points)
    December 11th - Bellringing Day (3 service points)
    December 11th - Salvation Army Can Sorting (3 service points)
    December 12th - Return Adopted Angel Gifts to Media Center (2 service points/6 fundraising points)
    December 12th - Winkler Tutoring Day (2 service points)
    December 13th - Bellringing Day (3 service points)
    December 14th - Winkler Tutoring Day (2 service points)



Important Documents

  • Winkler Tutoring Program Points Vouchers

    If you are volunteering to help tutor at Winkler Middle School, you need to take this form with you and have a voucher signed each time you help. You then need to return your voucher to Mrs. Rush or club secretary, Megan Wohlfarth. You may turn in vouchers one at a time or collect multiple signatures from multiple volunteering times and turn them in all at once. Please note that points will not be awarded to you until a voucher is turned in.

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  • Interest Meeting Agenda & Dues Form

    If you need a copy of the membership form to turn in with your dues, it can be found here!

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  • Out of Club Points

    You are allowed to receive up to 15 out of club points for non-Key Club oriented service that you provide. It is preferred that you continue to focus your efforts on helping women and children. To earn these points, you need to fill out the points form appropriately and turn it in to Mrs. Rush or our club secretary, Megan. The officers will then discuss your out-of-club work and decide if it is worthy of points or not. Double dipping between multiple clubs to get points is not permitted. You may still submit the points but you are not guaranteed to receive them. Typically speaking you will receive one point for every hour of service that you complete.

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