Honors English III Overview

    Curriculum Content:
    In Honors English III, we will study American literature that is grouped into four major themes. In addition to studying literature based on these themes, students will experience added rigor from the more intense preparation for critical reading, thinking, and writing at the college /university level.
    Standards and Objectives:
    In order to prepare students for the rigors of academic work on the AP, college, and university level, this course will especially emphasize:
     *independent management of projects
     *locating and vetting quality research sources
     *writing concisely in academic settings
    To read more about the Honors research project for this course and to view an explanatory diagram, click here.
    Curriculum Plan: 
    Cabarrus County Schools has used North Carolina's English III curriculum to devise the four basic units of study, as well as focus skills for each unit. To read more about each unit of study, click on this link: CCS Parent Curriculum Documents
    While English III classes at all levels follow this same pacing, the Honors level English III course requires students to manage projects more independently and with less scaffolding. To see more about the pacing of this particular course at Robinson, find the Syllabus document below this section.
    Instructional Materials/ Methods:
    Added rigor for the Honors level will come from several sources, including the treatment of novels; these include The Scarlet Letter, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and The Great Gatsby. In order for students to prepare for work on the college/ university level, they will use detailed guides to read and analyze these texts independently, and then to discuss their respective analyses in class. Additionally, students will each choose a novel from the postmodern era to read independently. This will serve as the basis for a research project that will begin in late September.
    This course will include two major types of assessment. These will include analytical multiple choice questions similar to those students will see on the English III NC Final Exam and ACT/SAT, as well as written assessments where students use their skills to synthesize information that they have read or researched in order to create complex literary analyses.
    In order to succeed in this course, students must be willing to grapple with high level texts independently and outside of class. 

Where to Locate Due Dates and Assignments

  • Where to Find Due Dates and Assignments:
    Students and Parents, please use the Canvas program to find projected dates for tests and major homework assignments, as well as most class documents and warm-ups. (Documents are organized by units.)
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