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    *Sign up for my REMIND group and check teacher webpages weekly!  Most of the time students won't have nightly science homework unless there is a project they should be working on.

    *Sign up for PowerSchool so that you and your child can check their grades WEEKLY!

    * Note:  Students are responsible for getting make up work upon their return to school.  When your child is out please make sure that they check the folder for any missing assignments.
    *Any no name work will be placed in a folder in the room for students to claim within 3 days.
    * There are extra copies of worksheets in my room.  Students are expected to be responsible for keeping up with the first copy they get but can ask if they need another.
    *Student cell phones and other technology should be off and in their lockers.  If a student is caught using technology during class without permission they will be asked immediately to place it in their locker.