MYP Assessment Criterias

  • Introduction to IB/MYP Physical Education
    "IB/MYP physical and health education aims to empower students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active and develop the motivation for making healthy life choices... Students engaged in physical and health education will explore a variety of concepts that help foster an awareness of physical development and health perspectives, empowering them to make informed decisions and promoting positive social interaction... At their best, physical and health education courses develop the enjoyment, engagement and confidence in physical activity that students need in order to achieve and maintain a balanced, healthy life."
    Assessment Criteria
    All International Baccalaureate assessments use an eight point rubric. The assessments used focused on four different areas: 
    Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding
    Criterion B: Planning for Performance
    Criterion C: Applying and Performing
    Criterion D: Reflecting and Improving Performance
Last Modified on September 29, 2020