Jay M. Robinson's yearbook: Journeys, Memories, Reflections

  • Our school's yearbook is a student-created book containing more than 3000 photographs of students in classes, at games, and at school social events.  Published by Jostens and having won several national awards, it is a quality publication and a permanent memory for our students. 

School Portrait Information

  • Senior portraits:

    Because senior pictures require "dressing students" in the tux-and-drape and that's a big concern with CoronaVirus, senior pictures are postponed until January 26, 27 and 28.  Details will follow and will be widely announced. 

    Senior ads -- two ways to order:
    Senior ad option 1:  You may send your pictures and messages to my attention at school, and my yearbook staff will create a one-of-a-kind ad just for your student.  You may include details about color, style, etc., and we will do our best to create something special for your student.  If you order through school, please include a check or money order made out to Robinson High School Yearbook.
    If you want to order an Express Ad -- a small, simple ad at a lower price -- you MUST order it through me at school.  This is something we offer just at Robinson, and Jostens doesn't do it online. 
    Senior ad option 2:  You may create the ad yourself (online) using a template from Jostens.  If you choose this option, you'll have complete control over the ad's look -- but the background will be plain white.  This option allows you to pay with a credit card. 
    If you go this route, you may email me (after the ad's done /submitted to Jostens) and ask me to "fancy it up".  I can add a background color, I can change the font to something more unique, and I can "bump up the size" of the pictures to use every square inch of your ad. 
    Click here to order an ad created at Robinson specifically for you:  Robinson Senior Ad Order form
    Click here to create your own senior ad online with Jostens:  http://jostensadservice.com?REF=A01056866
    Click here to read a lengthy FAQ concerning senior ads, which almost certainly includes the answer to the question in your mind right now:  Senior Ad FAQs
    School pictures for 9th, 10th and 11th grade students: 
    We've already held two drop-in picture days for underclass students, which were very successful.  We will hold a make-up picture day for underclass students on Tuesday, September 22.  Students who've had pictures taken may view their pictures now at JostensPix.com and may need the code FE32620. 
    Cap & Gown pictures:
    At this point we're leaning towards taking cap-and-gown pictures AT GRADUATION, but that is still up in the air.  We're looking for an option that allows students to take their pictures in their own graduation gear rather than sharing a handful of gowns amongst the senior class as we've done in the past.  Details will follow and will be widely announced once a decision is made.

Yearbook Purchase Information

  • Yearbook sales:

    You can order your yearbook at www.yearbooksonsale.com (or at 1-866-282-1516).  Because we aren't on campus and because we have fewer events, this year's book will be a smaller book at a smaller price.  You understand, of course, that this is a one-year blip thing; next year we expect to go back to a larger, more comprehensive yearbook -- but isn't everything affected by Covid-19? 

    Click here to order your yearbook:  https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productBrowse/1275325/Jay-M-Robinson-High-School/2021-Yearbook/2020090204255126763/CATALOG_SHOP/

    Pre-order your yearbook:

    Yearbooks are on sale now for $45; this is our super-saver price and it will hold true until September 30, 2020.  Students who pre-order have the option to have their names (or monograms) and customized icons engraved on the book's cover, and students who pre-order have the option to pay in installments.  These benefits disappear in January.

    Books ordered on or after October 1, 2020 will go up to $50, and around February 1, 2021 (this February 1 date could vary a bit) the price will go up to $60.  We will have VERY FEW EXTRAS at the end of the year, and those cash-and-carry books will sell for $70.  Last year we did sell out, so if a yearbook is important to you, please pre-order!  With this being an odd year, I feel very uncertain of yearbook demand, and I can't order a bunch of extras "just in case".  Why?  Because I can't afford to have unsold books sitting in my cabinets later.  If a yearbook is important to you, please, please order sooner rather than later -- it's better for your pocketbook, and it allows me to order with confidence. 

Last Modified on September 3, 2020