Jay M. Robinson's yearbook: Journeys, Memories, Reflections

  • Our school's yearbook is a student-created book containing more than 3000 photographs of students in classes, at games, and at school social events.  Published by Jostens and having won several national awards, it is a quality publication and a permanent memory for our students. 

School Portrait Information

  • Senior portraits:
    LifeTouch Studios will take senior pictures for most of the Cabarrus county school during the summer -- expect to spend 1 - 1 1/2 hours taking senior pictures.  Summer is absolutely the best time to take senior pictures:  you'll start with your formal tux-or-drape picture for the yearbook, then the photographer will give you a chance to change into your favorite outfits and will give you a variety of backgrounds from which to choose.  You're welcome to bring props for your pictures; for example, a letter jacket or a musical instrument.  Students have brought their favorite books, artwork /brushes, even a surfboard or a dog (okay, maybe that was just my youngest child)!  Taking the extra pictures costs nothing extra but it gives you more pictures from which to choose, so make the most of your senior picture appointment.  Later you can buy or not buy as many pictures as you'd like.
    The senior photographers all charge a "sitting fee", which causes lots of confusion.  Please, please read this carefully:  Pay the $25 sitting fee or don't pay it -- it makes no difference.  If you pay it, the photographer credits that $25 towards your purchase (and pretty much everyone buys at least a few senior pictures); if you don't pay it, nothing happens -- when /if you buy pictures, you don't already have that $25 downpayment made, so you pay more then.  If you don't intend to buy any pictures, don't pay -- nothing good or bad will happen as a result.  Please don't make this into a big issue -- really, it's not unfair or a problem.

    Senior portrait make-up day: Tuesday, September 10, 2019    This'll be a quick picture day; the photographer will only take the formal fux-and-drape pictures for the yearbook -- 3-4 shots per student, whereas the people who come in the summer have 8-12 formal pictures + up to two dozen casual pictures made made.  This make-up day is the last opportunity to have your senior picture made easily.  Oh, you can still have a senior picture made, but you'll have to call the photographer yourself to make an appointment (on a Saturday -- he's in schools all week), and you'll have to drive to his studio in Indian Trail, and you'll have to pay a fee -- a fee that is not credited towards the purchase of pictures.  So please, please, please, just come have your picture made here while it's easy, and I'm taking care of the details for you.

    Seniors who took pictures in the summer should have received picture proofs in the mail by now, and they should log onto the photographer's website to choose the pose they'd like to see appear in the yearbook; for consistency, only brown-burgundy backgrounds will be used in the yearbook.  Be SURE you give the photographers your correct address. 

    Seniors may order printed pictures for their own use at any time -- information on how to order will be found in the photographer's mailer and on the website where you can view all your pictures. -- but be SURE you've given the photographers your phone number because about once a month they text out "special promotions" to encourage you to hurry up and buy pictures.   

    Picture Day for 9th, 10th, 11th grade students:

    Tuesday, September 24, 2019 -- All underclass students are asked to take a picture for the yearbook even if they don't plan to purchase pictures.  Students received photo purchase information in homeroom on the first day of school.  Students who don't purchase pictures will receive a single page showing the picture that was taken /explaining how to order those pictures over the internet. 

    Make-up & Re-take Day for 9th, 10th, 11th grade students:

    Tuesday, October 29, 2019 -- These pictures will be made by appointment only.  Students who don't purchase pictures will receive a single page showing the picture that was taken /explaining how to order those pictures over the internet. 

    Cap & Gown picture day:
    Friday, November 15, 2020 -- Seniors will take Cap & Gown pictures as a part of Career Cruisin' Day.  Since seniors won't have their own caps and gowns yet, we'll have loaners on hand.  Guys are asked to wear a white collared shirt and tie; ladies are asked to wear something that won't show at the neck of the gown (ladies' gowns have a white sewn-on collar).  Cap & Gown pictures are waist-up, so your pants and shoes won't show.  All seniors are asked to take a picture, even if they don't plan to purchase pictures; the photographer will use these pictures to create a composite picture of the entire class.  
    Because we take Cap & Gown pictures just before the holidays, they won't be delivered to school until January. Again, students who don't purchase pictures will still receive a single page showing the picture that was taken /explaining how to order those pictures over the internet. 
    Below you can find details about all the above photo opportunities: 

Yearbook Purchase Information

  • Yearbook sales:

    You can order your 2020 Jay M. Robinson yearbook at www.yearbooksonsale.com (or at 1-866-282-1516). 

    Pre-order your yearbook:

    Yearbooks went on sale on Monday, August 26, 2019 at a cost of $65.  On Friday, September 27, Jostens raised the price to $70. 

    Books will be available for pre-order until January 31, 2020.  Students who pre-order have several options for payments, and they can choose to order a personalized cover -- and, most of all, a book will be reserved for those students who pre-order.  We anticipate ordering fewer than a dozen "extra books", so most people who wait will not be able to buy a book. 

    After May 1, 2020, books will be $80, plain covers only and cash only.  Please order early!

Senior Ad Purchase Information

Order a special, one-of-a-kind yearbook ad for a senior!

  • Placing a senior ad in the yearbook is a great way to commemorate a milestone in a senior's life.  Ads are available in both large and small sizes, both large and small prices.  The most budget-friendly option is the Express Ad, which is small but doesn't increase in price; thus, it's still affordable in January.  The larger ads allow for a wide variety of pictures -- most parents include a few toddler pictures, a favorite Halloween costume, a prom picture, and pictures of favorite activities over the years.  Seniors LOVE these ads. 
    You can opt to create this senior ad yourself using Josten's online website, or you may send in your pictures and messages and allow the yearbook staff to do it for you. Questions?  Check the lengthy FAQs in the document that follows, or email Mrs. Peterson at theresa.peterson@cabarrus.k12.nc.us
Last Modified on June 6, 2020