Contact Information

  • Remind: Text 81010 the code "@cdramaclub"

    Email the Director: D. Shellie Kingaby Hyser

    2018 Officers

    • Ciarra Boone
    • Joshua Knapp
    • Fernando Meza
    • Summer Post
    • Delaney Smith
    • Tyler Warlick

Why should I join the Drama Club?

    1. You can be as weird as you want and not worry about being judged.  Everyone in the drama club is just as weird as you. If not, they're weirder!
    2. The members of the club are your second family.  They're there for you in times of trouble, and they know how to comfort you.
    3. They'll support all your other passions besides the school shows.  Do you like taking photos? The director will let you take the headshots! Play piano?  Help with rehearsals!  Everyone in the club tries their best to support you and everything you do.
    4. You'll bond over favorite musicals and soundtracks.  You'll randomly start singing songs from your favorite musicals. You can be in the middle of a conversation and randomly burst out into singing "Sincerely, Me" from "Dear Evan Hansen".
    5. You'll reference past shows you've done.  Even two years later, you find yourself quoting a show you did.
    6. You'll love the traditions.  This includes many rituals to pump the cast up for each show, like Proud Mary, Pass the Energy, heartfelt speeches, warm-ups, cast parties, trips to McDonald's, lock-ins, Cue-to-Cue (just kidding, no one loves cue-to-cue), etc.
    7. It truly feels like something special.  Joining the Drama club will be the best decision you make in high school. You'll make lifelong friends and learn skills that will help you prepare for college and career in almost any field.
Last Modified on January 9, 2020