Friday May 4th:

    Solubility curve check -http://www.sciencegeek.net/Chemistry/taters/solubility.htm

    Study for gases/thermo/solutions test on Monday May 14th

    Nutrition Log Printed and reflection due on Monday!

    Video from today

    Monday May 7th

    Enlow's Sub Plans - 

    STEP 2: Students should turn in their Nutrition Log and Reflection to the box. Tell students to do this at the beginning of the class period. They should staple it and make sure their name is on it.

    Assign the following videos:
    2nd period – Video #1 - Edpuzzle Review of Molarity, Intro Molality and Dilutions

    4th period – Video #1 - Edpuzzle Honors Chemistry Water and Molarity &  Video #2 - Review of Molarity, Intro Molality and Dilutions

    STEP 4: Students will complete video notes and complete lecture problems #1-18 provided. They have the lecture notes paper already – you will just need to remind them of this. They are free to consult each other at their table groups on how to address these lecture problems.


    Tues May 8th:

    PS 15/16 (should have about 50% done) & Icecream toppings for Thursday!

    Complete Close Reading exercise (annotate and write a total of 6 rich comments, 25 word summary, 2 sentence reflection)

    Video from today

    ** IF you were absent today, please watch your video and complete the make up assignment for the lab (this is under Unit 6 docs part 2, called POGIL Saturated and Unsaturated Solutions)

    Wednes May 9th:

    PS 15/16 (due tomorrow) & Bring icecream toppings (lab tomorrow!)

    Video from today

    Thurs May 10th: 

    Cumulative Test Monday (make a personalized study guide - you must some form of study evidence with your test on Monday- no length requirement, but use this opportunity to prepare yourself for the best test grade ever!)

    It will be 50 Multiple Choice Questions - about 50% are solutions (M,m,percent solution concentrations, colligative properties, water properties- there is a split between emphasis on concepts and math applications, very little colligative property calculations though.); 15% gases and phase changes; 35% thermochemistry, heat curves, reaction coordinates (EXPECT DIAGRAMS!!!)

    Video from today

    Friday May 11th: 


     You should pull up the powerpoint slides and write down:

    - slide number (you are required to do this for EACH SLIDE and to get through slide 64 today)

    - a fact/concept/summary/or illustrate the concept(s) presented on each slide

    - if the slide has a question, you should write down the question (abbreviate it as needed) and your selected answer.

    Feel free to quietly discuss the questions with a peer near you. Do not disturb the class.

    *Mrs. Enlow will ask to see this on Monday. We will finish at a later date.

     STEP 2: If finished early, begin making a personalized study guide for your cumulative test on Monday (gases, thermochemistry, solutions, entropy, enthalpy, reaction coordinates, water, and solutions). You may also work on Unit Review from Gases, Thermochemistry, or Solutions as a part of this personalized study guide.

    *You will be turning this is on Monday.

    Week of May 14th:

    Monday May 14th:  (these are lesson plan for Mr. Smith's class)

    Complete Acid Base Notes through slide 16 (either in a booklet or in an organized fashion in notes)

    Tuesday May 15th:

    Finish Acid Base Notes on PPT from Monday HW

    Complete PS 19A (see under Unit 7 Student Packet or on lecture sheet)

    Video from today

    Wednesday May 16th:


    Thursday May 17th: 

    Complete 70% PS 19B (omit #7)

    Video from today

    2nd -  *If you were absent today in class, we are doing activities tomorrow in class that practice what we learned today, so you may opt to watch part of the video tonight and part tomorrow in class to apply those concepts. I understand time is the limiting reagent right now... I expect to see your notes from the video, the problems completed from the video, and the titration lecture examples completed by the end of class Friday if you are present in class on Friday. If not, then please, please, please by Monday!*

    4th - If absent today, watch the first half of the video above (until PS 19B work time)- take notes and complete the problems, and also complete the data table from the Salt Hydrolysis Lab under Unit 7 Docs. Tomorrow we will finish our notes together and then complete an activity.  

    Friday May 18th: 

    Finish PS 19B, Study for Quiz next week

    Video from today

    If you were absent during 2nd period - follow the instructions from Thursday and complete the Chemistry Acid Base Webquest under Unit 7 docs page. If you were absent during 4th period- watch the video from Friday to complete notes and then complete the Chemistry Acid Base Webquest under Unit 7 docs page. Thanks!

    Week of May 21st: 

    Monday May 21st: 

    Study for Quiz tomorrow

    Tuesday May 22nd: 

    Finish the Collision Theory Webquest Parts A -G.

    Complete Yellow & Green Part of End of Year Review - *DUE ON TUESDAY 5/29*

    Video from today

    Wednesday May 23rd:

    2nd period lab data

    4th period lab data

    Rates Graphical Simulation

    Complete Yellow & Green Part of End of Year Review - *DUE ON TUESDAY 5/29*

    Video from today

    Thursday May 24th:

    Complete 1st half-ish Equilibrium Section of Webquest; you will be finishing the rest of it tomorrow in class.

    Friday May 25th:

    Here is the End of Year Review PPT if it helps!

    Complete the Equilibrium Webquest Parts A - E. Turn into the box once done. 
    Complete Half Blue Section of End of Year Review by Tuesday 5/29 (skip around and complete a few of each type of problem, NOT just the first half or just last half)

    Sub Plans (Enlow is out taking her National Boards Exam! Cross your fingers!!)

    STEP 1: Students should then get THEIR ASSIGNED LAPTOP and begin the lesson on Mrs. Enlow’s website. Go to Unit 8 Docs. Complete the rest of the Equilibrium Webquest parts A to E (Titled ‘Collision Theory and Intro to Equilibrium 2018’).  

    STEP 2: After completing this assignment, students will place this into the box (they know where this is). They will then complete half of the blue section of the study guide. However, they cannot just complete the first half or last half. They must complete some of each section… it is their choice, but they need to show effort to complete a total of HALF with some of each style of question presented through the blue section.

    * Tell them that they may use resources from Mrs. Enlow’s website, textbooks, youtube videos, etc. Their job is to review the best they can – their final exam depends on it!

    *You will be turning this is on Tuesday May 29th along with the Yellow and Green sections that were assigned earlier.


    Week of Tuesday May 29th: 

    Tuesday May 29th:

    Complete the Pink section of the study guide (Red and Yellow due on Thursday)

    Complete the Le Chat examples #1-4 from lecture notes

    Video from today

    Wednesday May 30th:

    Study for cumulative multiple choice test tomorrow on acids/bases & collision theory/equilibrium (20 MC - about 30 mins)

    Complete Red and Yellow part of study guide (this is the rest of it!)

    Video from today

    Thursday May 31st: 

    Review for exams!

    Here are the quizizz codes from today's class - 

    Game Codes:

    Cumulative Chemistry Review 743294    &  440338

    Acid and Base - 098161

    Thermochemistry - 083727

    Gases - 020540

    Reaction Stoich - 771821

    Atomic Structure - 717209

    Net Ionic Equations - 832332

    Nomenclature - 772801


    Friday June 1st:

    Link to released NC final exams

    Link to Enlow's End of Year Review PPT

    Link to 2013 Released Exam 

Last Modified on June 1, 2018