• Battle of the books



    Battle of the Books

    We will have TWO teams:

    Elementary (EBOB) 

    Middle School (MSBOB)



    What is it?

    *EBOB=A team of 4th-5th grade students who read 15 books and answer questions about them.

    *MSBOB=A team of 6th-8th grade students who read 22 books and answer questions about them.


    *A team can have 6-12 members (with only 6 members allowed to play during a round).


     *Teams compete with other Cabarrus County teams throughout the school system on one competition day in February or March. This will be a day-long field trip, unless it is hosted at ROSA again.

    How does my child become a member of the team?
    Students interested in being a part of our team need to love to read! They need to make a commitment to the team to follow through by reading books assigned to them and to remain a part of them team until the competition. They should know those books as well as they can. It may require reading a book more than one time.


    Dedication is the key to staying on the team. Points will be awarded for completing tasks in case we have to make any eliminations since we are limited to 12 members. We can take as few as 6 members, so eliminations can and will be made until we have the members who are willing to do the work and pull their weight for the competition.



    What will practices be like?

    Students need time to read the books. This year we will establish a BOB club that will meet on various Mondays throughout the year between September and March. This will not interfere with them participating in other clubs because we will be the only club to meet on Mondays. A practice schedule will be posted on this page later in the year and will also be sent home with team members.



    How can we get started?

    1.   Begin by reading from the list of Battle of the Books for your grade level. Use the Libby App from the public library to get started right away. You can put books on hold if they are not available the first time you look for them. 
    **There is a webpage dedicated to help you with the Libby App. Look on the left side of the Media page, under LIBBY APP.
    2.  Once the team is chosen, those students need to memorize the titles of the books and the authors. The answer to each question must be stated by saying the title of the book and the author's name. 
    3.   Be respectful to your teachers and stay out of trouble. Any student who gets suspended will be automatically removed from the team. Any student who consistently has trouble getting along with students and teachers will be removed from the team.  
    4.   Attend club meetings and additional practices unless you are sick.
    5.   Pull your weight. That means, read your portion of the books. Reread them. Know the details. You will not have to read ALL of the books from the list, but reading as many as you can will benefit our team.


    Example questions would be:

    They all begin with "In which book" because the answer is ALWAYS the name of the book. 

    In which book did a girl find a long lost brother?

    Answer: Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech


    In which book does the grandmother make a honeysuckle wreath to make someone feel better?

    Answer: Love Ruby Lavendar, by Deborah Wiles


    In which book was there a character named Mary Jane? No proper nouns can be used in questions.

    Who played with Mary Jane?  The answer has to be the name of a book so this question is formed incorrectly. 




    Click here to learn how to pronounce the author's name and to practice the author/title information. 

    Some authors are NOT listed.

    Practice: NOT updated to 2021-22 yet
    Elementary School- Flashcards to learn author names and matching titles.
    Middle School- Flashcards to learn author names and matching titles.
    Use the Padlet to record thoughts about the books as you read them. Links are on the home page.



    How can parents help? 

    *Help your child locate the correct list of books for his or her team. The lists are on the Media Welcome page, scroll to the bottom.


    *Help your child gain access from the public library books in case your child needs an electronic copy. Use the SORA app in Clever from a student's RO device, or download the free Libby App and enter a library card number to use. Public library cards can be obtained online here.


    *You can provide snacks for practices if we hold practices at school this year.


    *You can make sure your child reads every night and let them tell you about the books.


    *Later in the year, I will send home practice questions so you can quiz your child.


    *Help your child learn the authors and titles of ALL books. This is the way we answer and all team members need to know this and will be quizzed on it.


    *You can encourage your child and cheer them on!




If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
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