• Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!  This year we will study the history and geography of the world from the Renaissance through present day.  Our focus will be the universal concepts and themes that occur throughout history to better understand the world in which we live in today.


    Class Overview

                    1st Quarter…The First Global Age (1450-1770)         2nd Quarter…Revolution & Empire (1750-1914)

                    3rd Quarter…Global Conflict (1900-1945)                   4th Quarter…A New Global Age (1945-Present)



    I ask that everyone try his/her best on all assignments.  Grading breakdown is as follows:

    Classwork/Homework Assignments…            COUNT 1 TIME (Typically worth 2-20 points each)

    Quizzes & Minor Projects…                             COUNT 1.5 TIMES (Typically worth 10-20 points each)

    Tests & Major Projects…                                  COUNT 1.5 TIMES (Typically worth 40-100 points each)

    I expect my students to communicate with their parents about their grades (good ones or poor ones).  PowerSchool will also provide access to current academic progress for both students and parents.



    In the classroom, I will use lecture, class discussion, videos, games, activities, and maps to aide in the learning experience.  Notes will be taken in class and ALWAYS kept in your Social Studies notebook (1 inch binder…nothing else goes in this but social studies material!!).  There is no textbook.  Class notes and handouts will cover all material necessary for quizzes and tests.  Notes are also typically posted to my website the day of completing the relevant lesson.  If notes are ever lost, incomplete, or if a student is absent, they are expected to make use of this resource and complete them as usual.  These notes are available as a supplement to taking them in class, NOT as a substitution.  This means that completing notes while present in class is a requirement.  Class participation is expected to the best of each student’s ability.


    Homework Completion

    Homework is a necessary extension of what we cover in class.  Students typically have a significant amount of class time to begin their work, if not finish it.  I expect that all assignments be completed on time, although there may not always be daily assignments to “turn in.”  Reviewing/studying for quizzes/tests will be the primary time investment for students outside of classroom hours.


    On the assignment due date, I will only grade completed work.  Feedback is only given on completed work.  If an assignment is ‘LATE’ or ‘INCOMPLETE,’ it will be marked as such in PowerSchool.  Students have until the next quiz date to complete it.  At that time, I will only give ½ credit for that assignment.  Any assignment not completed by the quiz date will be marked as ‘MISSING’.  Once this happens, credit can no longer be earned for that task.  If you want full credit for the time and effort you put into an assignment, please be sure to finish it on time.  Assessments (quiz or test) will be scored as they are, regardless of completion.


    Students are expected to keep a student agenda or access the electronic team homework calendar DAILY via the following:

    HiRMS web page >> Faculty/Staff >>7th Grade >> Justice League >>(scroll down) Team Homework Calendar.


    Quizzes, Tests, and Projects

    Regular Chapter Quizzes will occur throughout the year.  These will be ‘open notes’ and will also function as ‘notebook checks.’  There will also be both Map Tests and Unit Assessments. Projects may occur periodically; information will be forthcoming.


    Late Work & Make-Up Work

    Late work policy is as follows: 

    • For assignments that are classwork/homework grades, late work will result in a 50%

    Grades in other categories will receive the following as penalties for being late: 

    • 1 day late…immediate loss of 20% of highest grade possible for assignment
    • 2 days late…immediate loss of 30% of highest grade possible for assignment
    • 3 days or more…student will receive a 50% as their highest grade possible for assignment


    If you are absent, you have 5 days to make up missed work.  It is your responsibility to TALK TO/MESSAGE ME PERSONALLY for your make-up work.


    Summative Unit Grades

    At the end of each Unit, a Unit Assessment will be given.  These will be the foundation for Summative Unit grades.  These will be the most important grades of the year. They will be calculated using the Unit Assessment grade and assignment completion throughout the entire Unit.  Specific details and expectations will be provided prior to the start of Unit 1.



    Students are required and expected to keep a 1-inch Social Studies 3-ring notebook.  ALL class papers and assignments will be in this notebook.  Pages will be numbered in sequence and a table of contents will be kept.  Notebooks may NOT be cleaned out!  These notebooks will essentially serve as your class textbook for the entire year.


    It is advised that students keep a separate 3-ring binder or folder for personal organization across all subject areas for things such as notebook paper, pencil pouches, etc, as these will not be allowed to be stored in the social studies notebook.


    Class Rules

    Basic classroom rules will be those of HiRMS and the Justice League team.  HiRMS standards are expected in my classroom.  In class, we will have discussions that cover topics such as: religion, racism, sexism, war, and politics.  With these sensitive areas, every student’s opinion will be respected.  Please remember to think before you speak to avoid hurting others!



    I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns (jason.bielinski@cabarrus.k12.nc.us).  By working together, I am confident we will be successful.  Please sign, detach, and return the below section to indicate you have read and understood this letter of expectation.



    Jason Bielinski

Last Modified on August 18, 2021