Course Description 

    Broadcasting IV is a course in which students will present their mastery in video production techniques. By utilizing the capabilities of Final Cut ProX (FCPX) and the infinite creativity of their peers, students will practice planning, producing and editing in much more detail. After having learned the new interface of FCPX and its many keyboard shortcuts, students will continue explore the software and effectively develop multimedia presentations. In addition (and pending technical issues/schedule changes), students will review films, genres, and techniques all while immersing themselves within the school and community to create their own productions that are inspired and original.Students will also submit a student produced  film for the Film Festival. In addition, students will complete a digital portfolio of their work at the conclusion of the course.  

    This course has an additional focus on personal and professional development. Students will be required to meet the courses required expectations, develop their own personal objectives for growth, present evidence of their independent learning, and challenge themselves to lead their work.

    • Flashdrive or external hard drive the BIGGER the better! You are expected to save your work and to bring this to class everyday!
    • Google Account or compatible access to a digital calendar, email, document manager and other online resources.
    • Earbuds are also a must and you are expected to bring them to class everyday! 


    • Tripod 
    • Camera or phone with video recording capabilities. 





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