Broadcasting I Overview

  • Course Description:
    Broadcasting I is a course in which students learn the basics of planning, filming, editing, and broadcasting. Using basic production software, students will learn the essential tasks required to complete a quality video including voiceovers, video and audio adjustments, and titles. Not only do we have MacBook Pros for this class, but we have high-definition cameras that we will be using to broadcast to create superior videos. Using specially-designed programs for editing and streaming, students will be able to show their creativity and share their voices with the school.
             ---> Lots of group work!
             ---> Minimal homework
                         (so do it when it's assigned because it will 
                          weigh on your grade) 
    What you will need:
    • flash drive 8MB or larger-you MUST save your work, and you will be expected to bring a flash drive to class everyday!
    • earbuds- these are a MUST for this class- bring them everyday!
    • binder with pockets
    • loose-leaf paper
    • writing utensils
    Suggested, but not required, supplies:
    • tripod
    • camera


  • Step 1: How to Export 

    Within the iMovie application, you will:
    • go to the top of the screen along the taskbar.
    • click "Share"
    • choose "File"
    • unclick "Theater" and hit
    • name your video appropriately (member names help).
    • make sure it will be saved to your "Desktop" or a "Projects" folder on your desktop.


    Step 2: How to Add your Movie to the Shared Drive 

    • Go to your "Finder"
    • Click Command+K
      • or select it and Command + K
    • Type smb:// in the space
    • Click "Connect"
    • You are in!
    • Choose the folder that fits your class and then drop your video into that folder.
    • Voila! Video on Shared drive!
    • Or you can save it to flash drive and drop it in the Broadcasting drive on the Big Mac.


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