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    PE Teacher: Mrs. Anna Dobbins
     It is so good to be back in the gym with whole classes of students using PE equipment.  We are working on physical skills (of course), but we are also practicing those social-emotional skills that we need in activities, games, sports....and in life.  

    5210 Health Initiative at Bethel Elementary School


    Wear Athletic Shoes for PE Class
    When buying school shoes, please consider running/athletic type shoes for your child.  Encourage your child to wear
    running-type shoes on PE day.  These are the safest shoes for the gym.  The proper shoes also allow a student to perform at his or her best. Athletic shoes are also safest at recess!

    Our PE K-2nd grade Expectations/Rules
    Be a good sport
    Keep all body parts to myself
    Respect others and equipment
    Move carefully
    Listen and follow directions
    Give my best effort
    Our PE 3rd-5th grade Class Expectations/Rules
    Always think safety
    Remember to listen and follow directions
    Support others and be a good sport
    Participate give 100%
    Kindness given is kindness returned


    Skills To Practice To Be Physically Literate  

    Encourage your child to work on his/her manipulative skills which include throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling, and striking (hitting) a ball, for example. Have your child practice "crossing the midline."  Learning to cross the midline can potentially help with activities such as reading, writing, concentrating, catching a ball, and riding a bike.  Examples of crossing the midline would be: (from a standing position) touching your right hand to your left toe (switch sides), touching your left elbow to your raised right knee (switch sides), overhand throwing a ball (make sure to step with the opposite foot),  and learning to skip. It is also great if kids practice gross motor skills that require alternating hands and feet such as jumping rope and jumping jacks. We participate in the PACER run assessment in PE.  Fourth and Fifth-grade students will chart their goals and scores on slips of paper. Encourage students to improve their cardiovascular fitness outside of school.  Students will then see the rewards of hard work when their scores increase.  Begin by working on jogging at a slow to medium pace for extended periods.
    Children should "Play 60" meaning that children should play 60 minutes every day!  
    Message from Mrs. Dobbins: ***Video of PE Skills to practice *** 
    20-meter PACER test  (Distance: 65 feet)

     Help Restock the PE Equipment Room!          


    Bethel PE students need new equipment to use in the gym. Over the years, the balls have become worn to the point of not holding air.  They need to be replaced.  I would like to ask your family to consider donating sports equipment to PE class. Below are the suggested sizes and types of balls that we use in PE.  

    Items to consider purchasing:

    *Nerf footballs: junior size

    *Basketballs: size 28.5, junior size, or mini size

    *Playground balls

    *Kick balls

    *Soccer balls: size 4


     If we receive more than we need in PE, extra donated balls will be distributed to classrooms to use at recess.


    All donated equipment should be sent to Mrs. Dobbins in the gym.


    Thank you for supporting the Bethel PE department!



    Skill Videos

    I am linking a few videos on jump roping and dribbling a basketball here on my website. Please get outside and play! It is so good for your mind and your body.
     Basketball ball handling:
     Basketball warm-up routine:
    Jump Rope by yourself tricks:
    Jump rope for beginners:
    *These videos are shared with permission from The PE Specialist website.*
    Visit the Bethel Athletic Association Facebook page for info on signing up for BAA sports. To sign up for sports through Bethel Athletic Association (BAA) 
    Open the link to sign up. Bethel Sign Ups
     The debit card/credit card part of the site does not work.
    You must mail a check, or pay on one of the announced registration nights at Bethel school.
    Mail check to:
    Bethel Athletic Association
    PO Box 291
    Midland, NC 28107
     Follow the Bethel Atheltic Association Facebook page for more information.
    website: bethelathletics.org

Phone: 704-888-5811 ext. 1205


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Physical Education K-12 degree from Winthrop UniversityAdd-on Biology certification

Mrs. Dobbins

Welcome, Bethel Bengals! My name is Mrs. Anna Dobbins. I am excited to start my 23rd year of teaching Elementary Physical Education (Bethel Elem 2012- present). I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching many of you, and I look forward to meeting my new students this year. My immediate family members are my husband Clint, our daughter Bella (19yrs), and our son Chase (16yrs). Life on our small farm is always fun and exciting. Go outside and play today.❤️ Miss you dearly! Mrs. Dobbins

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