• NCTIES Technology Conference
    22 Cox Mill High School students participated in the Student Showcase at the 2013 North Carolina Technology in Education Society conference on March 6th. Students showcased work done using technology tools in the Foods classroom, Spanish classroom, Broadcasting, and other classes throughout the year. Their audience consisted of other students, educators, and administrators from across North Carolina. Students explained how they use iMovie, Garageband, Flip video cameras, online databases, Visual Basic, and iPods to produce school projects. They showed a wide variety of projects completed with both mac and pc computers. Students also had opportunities to attend sessions where they learned how technology is being used in other classrooms, view other students' projects, and see the latest trends in technology in the vendor's area.

    Comments from students:

    "It was very enjoyable showing the teachers what we did! Not only was I able to showcase my work but I was able to have real, insightful conversations with some of the visitors! The teachers that I spoke to were very kind and did their best to relate to what I was showcasing and in our conversations we expanded on that."

    "I think next year we could go above and beyond and create a small game or interactive program of some sort! I think this is something that would attract a lot of attention and I know would enjoy making it! Even without an interactive component I feel very confident in what I presented and had a great time doing it."

    "This conference really helped me realize how technology is integrated into learning and extracurricular activities! I was speaking to a Librarian at an elementary school and she explained to me how she gets students to record themselves taking about a book they read, and she would link the videos to a QR code and put them in the back of the books that the student read. Students could then watch the video about the book and see if it is a book they may want to read, based on what their peers had to say about the book. I thought this was a very insightful way to integrate technology into the school!"

    Students all agreed that having conversations about technology use with other adults and students was a highlight of the trip. There were teachers from across the state who were taking notes about how to complete activities presented by our students and one even asked the students if they provided technical support over the phone!

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    Examples of student work can be found by scanning in the QR code above.
Last Modified on April 30, 2013