CTE Documents and Forms

  • CTE Purchase Requisition Form

    Please use this form to request supplies, materials, equipment.
    Don't forget to attach your Justification with your purchase request.

    Please plan on a two-week turn around for supply requests.

    Complete the Vendor name and address. 

    Complete the school name and address. Please include your name.
    Note: for the UNIT, please indicate if the item is each, dozen, bag, roll, etc.  Give a detailed and accurate description of the item.
    The requisition calculates the items if you type directly on the form.
     HIGH SCHOOL:  Please have your CTEC initial your purchase requisition. 

    Your CTEC will submit to Caroline via CTE Email address. 
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  • Justification Form

    Please complete the form with detail description and attach to purchase request.  Purchase request(s) will not be approved without the justification form.
    NOTE:  Please write out the Objective/Blueprint
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  • Prior approval Form for ALL Travel

    PLEASE NOTE: UPDATED FORM AS OF 1/13/2022 Use this form for ALL travel - in county, out of county, in state, out of state, overnight and day trips.

    This form is used to obtain approval for all CTE paid for events, field trips, etc.  This form must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the travel date.  It must be typed (no forms will be approved if handwritten).

    Estimate high on all costs.  Round up to the nearest dollar amount (No cents)

    Please add cost of Sub to Prior approval if you need one! 

    To budget for an acivity bus, it is $1.25/Mile

    Once you have filled this out in its entirety, print, sign and give to your Principal for approval. (Highs Schools, please give to CTECs).

    Submit to Caroline Trotto @ the Ed Center.  She will obtain all signatures needed if approved and send back the original Documents to you, and copies to your treasurer.




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  • Request for Student Overnight Travel


    Use this document for ALL Student overnight travels.  Obtain all school level signatures and send to the attention of Caroline Trotto, Ed Center-CTE.

    Caroline Trotto will obtain the Superintendent's signature.  DO NOT SEND TO THE SUPERINTENDENT.



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  • Mileage reimbursement form Updated 8/1/2022

    This form is used for teachers traveling from school to school as their work day and for those that pick up supplies and materials during school hours. It is for local travels within the county claiming mileage ONLY.  Any travels outside the county must have a Prior Approval (you will not use this form for reimbursement).

    Be sure you sign and add your timekeeper number, date your form and send to Caroline Trotto's attention at the Ed Center.  You do no need anyone else's signature on the Supervisor line.  The Director of CTE is the only one that signs and approves the form.   Do not send electronic or scanned forms.  Finance requires original documents only.  Type your form, handwritten forms are not acceptable.

    This form is due by the 10th of each month following any travels or workshops.

    *NOTE:  Turn in your mileage form monthly. (Example:  Any local travels for the month of September will be turned in to CTE Office by October 10th)

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  • Travel Reimbursement form Updated 8/1/2022

    Travel reimbursement forms are due by the 10th of each month following any travels or workshops attended.

    Be sure to use the name that is listed on your paycheck.  No nicknames and include your timekeeper number (TK#).

    Forms must by TYPED.  Handwritten forms are not acceptable

    Attach your approved Prior Approval form and All receipts for hotel/registration etc..  Sign your form.  No other signature is required except the CTE Director for approval.  He signs on the Supervisor line.

    Send to the attention of Caroline Trotto, Ed Center-CTE

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  • FACS Contract form in Spanish

    Please have your students complete the FACS Contract form for each class.  This is the Spanish version.

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  • FACS Safety Contract

    Please have students complete the form for your classroom.
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  • Inventory form

    Inventories are required at the end of each school year.  Supplies, materials, and technology equipment should be listed on the inventory forms.  They must be signed by the teacher and dated.
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  • CTE Equipment Disposition Form

    CTE teachers are to use this form to list technology equipment or other miscellaneous equipment that is to be surplused. Please indicate school, teacher name and room number.  Complete as much information on the form as possible.  Teacher's will initial the form and send in the courier to the attention of Caroline Trotto, Ed Center-CTE. 

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Last Modified on August 3, 2022