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The CCS School Social Work Team

  •  CCS SSW Team and District Colleagues

Promoting Positive Change in CCS

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    School Social Work Association of America

    For those who do not feel heard...school social workers listen.
    For those who have unmet needs...school social workers advocate.
    For those who feel marginalized...school social workers empower.
    School Social Workers make positive change!

Overview of School Social Work Services

Our services in CCS include...

    • Crisis Intervention
    • Parent Education
    • Family Outreach
    • Assessment
    • Consultation
    • Information and Referral
    • Mental Health & Wellness
    • Case Management
    • Attendance Monitoring/Investigations
    • Dropout Prevention
    • Graduation Awareness
    • Support for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Helping Students...

    • increase academic success
    • improve relationships with peers
    • cope with challenging life events
    • improve self-esteem and self-discipline
    • learn problem-solving skills
    • learn decision making skills
    • become resilient, successful learners  

Helping Families...

    • understand the educational and developmental goals of their children
    • advocate on behalf of their children regarding school performance
    • link with helpful school and community resources
    • understand school policies, programs and services
    • identify and celebrate family strengths that promote academic success

Helping Educators...

    • understand family, cultural, school and community factors that may impact student performance
    • link with families to address obstacles to academic success
    • develop and implement strategies to enhance academic success
    • understand child abuse and neglect reporting laws, procedures and policies
    • address social, emotional and behavioral challenges of students
    • coordinate school and community resources to meet student and family needs

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Student Services

  • Mr. John Basilice
    Director of Student Services

    Ms. Amy Jewell

    Student Services Coordinator

    Education Center

    P.O. Box 388
    Concord, NC 28026

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    Ms. Nina G. Wilkerson
    CCS School Social Worker
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