Ms. Melissa Eudy

Phone: 704-436-9321


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Melissa Eudy

BS in Biology from Pfeiffer University
MAEd in Science Education from ECU
AP Biology Certified
National Board Certified Teacher
Science Department Chair
GLEE Endorsed (CCS AIG Endorsement)
Welcome to Biology!  I am excited to be your teacher this year.  This will be my 16th year teaching and my 6th year at MPHS.  I have two kids, Milo and Jaxson.  Please feel free to contact me at any time via email!

Class Information

  • Science Guy and Gal


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    Regular Biology - Biology is the study of living things. Major areas of emphasis in this course are scientific inquiry, cells, heredity, evolution, the unity and diversity of life, and ecology. Laboratory work accompanies a variety of teaching methods in the course.
    Honors Biology -  This course is an in-depth study of biology which involves research and individual laboratory work. The topics include: energy of life, cell structure and function, reproduction, genetics, adaptation, classification, psychology, environment and ecology, dissection and comparative anatomy. Honors Biology is designed to develop the student’s ability to observe and understand the living world.  In addition to concepts covered, students will be expected to complete multiple in-depth assignments including a research paper, projects, and unit current events.
    AP Biology - AP Biology is a college freshman biology course designed for the academically involved student to be able to gain competence and college credit in the biological sciences. Studies include molecular and cellular biology, genetics, organismal biology, principles of ecology, evolution, and behavior. College credit may be granted upon an acceptable score on AP Biology examination.
    Classroom Rules and Expectations
    1. RESPECT - Respect yourself, your peers, your teacher, and your classroom!
    2. RESPONSIBILITY - Do what's right! Be honest! Be prepared! Do your own work!
    3. PRESENCE - Show up and participate! You can't learn if you're not in the classroom! 
    4. All CCS & MPHS rules will be followed and enforced in the classroom!

Mrs. Eudy's Class Schedule

  •  1st Block  7:15-8:38 Honors Biology
    POWER Block 8:42-9:22

    Monday - 1st Block

    Tuesday - 2nd Block

    Wednesday - Available

    Thursday - Planning/Duty

    Friday - 4th Block

     2nd Block  9:26-10:51 AP Biology
     3rd Block  10:55-12:48 Planning
     4th Block  12:52-2:15  AP Biology



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