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Marie Cawley

     I have been teaching at Patriots STEM Elementary School since it opened in 2010.  I teach children with special needs in reading, writing, math, and social skills in grades K-5 through the exceptional children's program. 

     We are fortunate to have a Student Teacher this year from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte,who is in the Dual education program.  She will be completing her student teaching in both the general education program and in our Exceptional Children's program.  Unfortunately with COVID-19, I am waiting to hear who this is and we welcome her as she joins our school.

      The best way to reach me:


            or by phone- 704-260-6230.


  • Hello,

       As we begin our new school year, COVID-19 has changed the way we begin the year.  This year we will continue to provide specially designed instruction in a combination of ways for language arts, math, and social skills. We will use a combination of synchronous learning along with independent practice, work check, and progress monitoring to evaluate student's growth and make modifications to learning as needed. 
      Meetings for IEP's, etc., will typically be in the morning beginning around 7:30am. Synchronous learning, independent work practice/work check and progress monitoring will be scheduled between 8:30am and 2:30pm M-Th. (A schedule will be shared with you as soon as possible.) . Office Hours will be Friday from 8:30 - 9:30 am.   
       The best way to reach me is through email:  Or you can call the front office and ask for me at 704-260-6230.  Thank you.
    Marie Cawley


  • ! Check out the "Students" tab on the Patriots home page for web sights your child can use to help support reading, writing and math.  Also let your child explore some STEM activities through the websites listed.

    Marie Cawley

  • Research Based Curriculum!


    Patriots STEM Elementary School's Exceptional Children's Department will use a number of research based intervention programs to develop cognitive, behavioral and social skills that are age and grade appropriate and help students catch up to their same age peers.  Some of these programs are listed below.


    Curriculum Materials

    Reading Mastery Programs: Developed to increase reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Students will read text, including repeated readings, and answer oral and written comprehension questions about the text they have read.

    Great Leaps: Developed to increase reading fluency and comprehension in oral and expressive language.

    Language for Writing: Developed to increase writing fluency and increase organizational and sequencing skills to develop age and grade appropriate writing skills.

    Handwriting without Tears: Developed to increase letter formation, spacing and fluency using print (K-2) and cursive (3-5).

    Inclusion Math:  For students needing specially designed instruction in the general education classroom, an inclusion model of teaching will be implemented.

    Grade level work in the regular classroom along with these interventions as needed will help close the learning gap and develop a successful, competent and confident student.
  • Homework Assignments!

    Students homework will be typically appropriate grade level home work assigned by the classroom teacher. Please help your child keep track of his/her homework assignments.  If your child is having difficulty completing homework please feel free to contact me.
    Useful Assistance
    Spelling City:  Make a word search or play a game and count this toward spelling homework by writing a note to your child's teacher.  Fun family time will be had by both of you!
    IXL Math:  Excellent sight for resources for your child to play and grow academically.
    Khan Academy:  AWESOME assistance for both student and parent.  Go to the sight and search what you need help learning.  Videos and practice math problems will help you become experts in any area you choose.
    ABCYA- Excellent site for many digital learning extensions to education in the classroom

    Scheduled meetings will be held throughout the year.  If the time and date are not convenient, please feel free to contact me to reschedule.  The best way to reach me is email:  Welcome back!
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