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Mrs. Dayle Janus

Dayle Janus

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TalkingPoints App (Email me for the Class Code!)

All of your classwork will be in Canvas.







  • Class times are as follows:

     Homeroom: 8:00-8:30

     Break: 8:30-8:35

     1st: 8:35-9:35

     Break: 9:35-9:45

     2nd: 9:45-10:45

     Break: 10:45-10:55

     3rd: 10:55- 11:55

     Lunch: 11:55-12:25

     4th: 12:25-1:25

     Group work: 1:25- 3:05 (Watch Email for specific details)

    Office hours are as follows: 

      1st Block: 1:25-1:50

      2nd Block: 1:50- 2:15

      3rd Block: 2:15-2:40

      4th Block: 2:40- 3:05

     This is the time you can call me on Microsoft teams and I can answer questions or help with school work. 

Technology Videos

  • Technology can be so frustrating!! How am I suppose to know how to do all of these different things?!


    Here is a secret... You aren't. Teachers don't know either, but we are learning every day. 

    So, here are some videos that might help you to sign into the different programs we are using. 

    How do I sign into my email (Outlook)?

    How do I sign into Teams and download the app?

    How do I sign into Canvas?

    How do I sign into Google Drive?

    How do I submit (turn in) an assignment to Canvas

    How do I sign into Epic Books (For Mrs. Janus's class)?

    How do I send a video in Canvas (to say my name)?

    How do I sign into our Duolingo Classroom?

    How do I check my grades in Canvas?


    Cat on a Laptop






    Busy Me

    Click on my picture to get directions to sign on to Canvas!