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I grew up in Charlotte, NC and attended college at UNC-Charlotte. In 2008, I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art with a minor in Education. Teaching students to become creative problem solvers is a passion of mine!
 While I am out on Maternity Leave please use the following website 
 to access all documents and information for your lessons! 
   Use the following link to access our class website:  
On this site you'll find important class info, including class due dates.
Please check this site daily to stay up to date!
  REMIND 101:   
Download the Remind 101 app to
connect to your class!
Design & Discovery: see me for the code!
Design & Photography: sign-up 1st day of class
Design & Gaming: none at this time 
      For Design & Discovery / Design & Gaming students:  
 Students need to sign up for this class online. We will complete this
on the first day of class. All assignments with digital documentation
will be turned in on this site. Students are responsible for checking
this site daily and turn in all assignments on time :)
  For Design & Photography students:  
 Students will be turning in all work through their own student Weebly
blog. During class we will create our site and discuss due dates, blog
entry requirements, etc. This information will be posted on the class
Weebly page in case you need to review!
  CLASS SCHEDULE: Fall 2016  
1st Period:Design & Discovery
2nd Period:Planning
3rd Period:Design & Discovery
4th Period:Design & Photography
  CLASS SCHEDULE: Spring 2017  
1st Period: Design & Discovery
2nd Period:Design & Gaming
3rd Period: Design & Discovery
4th Period: Planning

Intervention is a new initiative at our school. This will be held after 1st period, so students are able to get further tutorial in their classes. 
 MONDAY1st period 
 TUESDAY2nd period
 WEDNESDAY3rd period
 THURSDAY4th period